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MAJOR CABLE NETWORK DOCUMENTARY on Children with Learning Differences


I am Co-Producing a documentary on children, ages 7-12 with Learning Differences.  

I am looking for expressive, self-aware kids with Dyscalculia (no children may participate without WRITTEN PARENTAL PERMISSION and our talking to parents, first) who can help explain both what it is like to live, day-to-day as well as in school with dyscalculia; but also who have a passion, talent, or gift that makes it clear that having a learning difference simply means you learn DIFFERENTLY.

The goals of this film are duo-fold

to debunk myths about learning differences-to explain exactly what they constitute (ie not Bipolar or Autism)
And to emphacise that those who have them are intelligent, talented individuals who simply need more help in one area of learning.

The second goal is to empower the children who participate both with the knowledge that they will be helping others who struggle with learning differences and also, we hope, to give them some control/satisfaction at the ability to speak out about what it is really like.

Looking for kids who have a current "story in process" ( perhaps trying to get into a new school. I can't estimate time but I am a marathoner; I can't take direction in a group sport but I'm preparing for a major sports event, etc)

Please contact me at LDFILM@AOL.COM

I will be happy to provide additional information.


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