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Dyscalculia and Driving???

Hi everyone. I'm newly learning how to drive, and I'm scared of my dyscalculia causing problems for me so that I can't learn. More specifically, I'm worried about lack of a sense of direction, difficulty with left and right, spacial relations problems, understanding the layout of roads, and reading the numbers on road signs quickly and comprehending them (correctly) and fast enough to compensate my own speed... so also reading the speedometer on the car correctly. I want to know has anyone else with dyscalculia attempted this and found themselves to be a successful driver? Am I worrying over nothing?

I guess I am afraid this will be something else in my life I find impossible because of my LD. I already can't go (confidently) to make a purchase, hand money to a cashier, and get change back that I know for sure is correct. I can't tell you how many weird looks I've gotten from cashiers over the years. One even sarcastically commented, "...And I thought I was bad at math."

It is at the point where I can have a panic attack just thinking about having to make a purchase. I don't want driving to be anything like that. I *need* it to be something I can do to improve upon my independence in life. Where I live, driving is what you must do to survive. We have no layout of public transit or I'd be using that instead.

I have read a book called My Thirteenth Winter by Samantha Abeel. It is was a life-changing event to read that memoir because it was JUST like me in so many ways. I went back and read over the chapters to see if Samantha references successfully learning to drive. There is a single sentence about her driving, but nothing about if it caused problems. Maybe it didn't. Maybe I'm worrying over nothing, but it seems like if Samantha (who seems to be so much like me in regards to dyscalculia) can drive, then surely I can learn as well.

The scariest part is driving is something that if you mess up badly enough, you could die or kill someone. I am very afraid of that, obviously. So... I know none of you know my exact situation or how badly my LD is, but can you give me your own experiences with driving? Any pitfalls you experienced or ways you found to overcome the problems? That would be most helpful to me, as well as any encouragement you have to give. Thank you in advance.
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