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"Home is my Patrik"

Such an eye opening night.

Hi, i'm new here.  I had no idea, i mean literally no idea that my problems with maths might be a learning disorder.  I have struggled since i can remember with even basic maths, i can remember sitting in a technology class at school crying because i just couldn't do what was in front of me.  

A few days ago i was at work, i work for my dad so my job is pretty laid back.  I do office work and help out in his workshop.  I run credit card payments through our system from customers as part of my job.  I had to do this last week, normally i focus and get it right, i triple check everything i put through.  Well i was tired last week and unfocused and i accidentally put a payment through wrong, i'd jumbled the numbers up which does sometimes happen to me.  I didn't realize until i checked with the bank to receive the payment into the system properly.  Imagine my embarrassment when i had to call up the customer to explain.  My dad was pretty mad but i tried to tell him i'm no good with numbers, i said that maybe i had dyslexia but with numbers.  I was joking really.  My dad is dyslexic so i think he gets how frustrating it can be.

Tonight i decided to look online and see if my 'number dyslexia' comment had any validity.  It does!  So my question is how do i go about getting tested for this?
I got through my undergrad degree by, well,not cheating really... more getting help from friends when i had to take statistics.  Luckily the material graded was all coursework and i'll be honest and say i managed to avoid any of it and still pass the course.   I also had to do a research project and i somehow managed to convince my supervisor to do all of the maths work involved, i'm still not sure how i did that.  I'm set to start my masters soon and i know there will be maths involved.  I've tried to take math courses online from different schools, i dropped out of them.  When i sat the GRE test to try and get into the grad school i wanted to attend i think i maybe got under 25% of it right and that was mostly guess work.  
I don't want to fail my graduate degree due to this maths problem.  How can i tell them that when i see numbers my brain basically shuts off and i can't think?
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